Labour management

Efficient, flexible, rigorous management

We ensure our client companies manage their staff-related procedures efficiently, flexibly and rigorously

We handle all necessary employment processes to enable the company’s business activity to start, as well as for the proper day-to-day operation of the company, ensuring that legal requirements are followed.

Payroll calculation

Producing salary receipts and reports

We prepare payroll, including everything that needs to be calculated, and provide information on personnel costs with clear, tailored reports.

We calculate payroll in accordance with staff remuneration, applying salary tables covered by any applicable collective agreements, and including any monthly incidents that are indicated by the client, advance payments, withholdings etc. We also provide clear, structured information about staff costs via reports tailored to the client’s needs.

National Insurance

Contributions and procedures in regard to the National Insurance Contributions Office (TGSS)

We ensure compliance with companies’ social security obligations.

We handle the presentation of payments relating to contributions as well as all National Insurance Contributions Office (TGSS) related procedures. We also study and process benefits (disability, retirement and so on).

Labour advice

Analysis of cases and actions to resolve them

After studying each case, we outline possible actions to resolve the situation and assist in implementing them effectively.

We provide comprehensive advice in any situation that requires knowledge of, and the correct application of, the Labour and Social Security Act – from individual cases to the processing of any collective measure, such as temporary redundancy programmes (ERTOs) and redundancy programmes (EROs).

Legal defence

Representation and defence in labour-related litigation proceedings

User friendly, expert advice – from initiating a process through to legal defence in courts and tribunals.

We support our clients in legal processes and defence in litigation before the Labour Authority – including reconciliation and workplace inspections, as well as offering accessible, expert advice from the beginning of any process through to legal defence in courts and tribunals.

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