Specialist lawyers in terms of their legal knowledge and experience of their specific area.
Company law

Advice on all aspects of business activity

We support and advise start-ups and established companies, as well as companies that need to change advisors because they have grown and their needs have changed.

Our experience in the business world means we can offer clients legal advice across all aspects of their business activity: company incorporation, trading contracts, corporate transactions, business restructuring, industrial property, as well as business crisis situations (such as insolvency situations and conflicts between partners).

Estate and succession planning

Solutions and alternatives for proper estate planning

Proper estate and succession planning is essential to ensure an orderly, conflict-free and tax-efficient transfer of assets.

Our experience in advising on large assets – both at the business and private levels – means that we can offer our clients a wide range of solutions and alternatives to help them structure and plan their assets and their eventual transfer.

Family business

Generational handover - key in family businesses

Ensuring a good handover and anticipating all aspects of succession, looking to the future provides peace of mind for both current and future generations and provides stability for the business.

It helps avoid problems and conflicts within companies arising from family members’ ownership. It ensures trust is maintained between the owners and identification with the family business, providing continuity through the generations. It also sets guidelines for the company’s future action, and planning the family business strategy.


We guide the company and the family in preparing for this transition through a process that aims to answer all questions that are key to the proper development of the company and its relationship with the family.

This process culminates in the writing of a Family Protocol: a formal written instrument that is used by the company owners to manage all the key activities they share both as a company and as a family.

Judicial and criminal law

Efficiency and new opportunities

We always look for the best solution for our clients and first seek to negotiate and settle the matter. However, we are equally agile, rigorous and forceful should our clients’ interests need to be defended in the courts. 

Our lawyers have over 30 years’ experience in criminal law – both in defending criminal matters and filing criminal complaints to defend our clients’ interests.

types of conflict on which we advise
Criminal advice
Criminal compliance

Control management

Criminal compliance is similar to an Occupational Risk Prevention Plan. However, instead of aiming to prevent accidents, it aims to prevent crimes from being committed.

A criminal compliance plan – or crime prevention plan – is a company’s set of actions and internal mechanisms that aim to prevent and, as far as possible, avoid behaviour or actions that go contrary not only to the company’s values, policies, procedures and, especially, legislation. It also aims to prevent and detect crimes committed with or under the cover of the company’s resources.

Implementation is mandatory for all companies, with potential criminal consequences for the managers of companies that have not implemented it.

The key is to find the balance between a crime prevention plan that protects the company from a criminal point of view but at the same time does not hinder its day-to-day working.

Our compliance team has extensive experience in implementing crime prevention plans that enables clients to implement them without having to divert unnecessary resources in the form of time and people.

Family law

Resource efficiency and optimisation

By their very nature, family matters can lead to high levels of anxiety that go far beyond other types of conflict.

For this reason, our team of specialist lawyers provide high-quality legal advice without neglecting the sensitivity and care that this type of issue requires, especially when children are involved.

Property law

Property specialists

Our team of lawyers who specialise in property matters advise companies and individuals across the range of real estate areas. They cover matters relating to the construction and marketing of property (purchasing plots of land, executing works, sales and rentals) and matters relating to arranging registration with the Land Registry, as well as boundary conflicts for both rural and city properties.

Administrative law and urban planning

Extensive experience in administrative law and urban planning

Public law applies across all areas of the economy and society (urban planning, licensing, administrative sanctions and so on).

To handle matters in this area, the firm has a team of lawyers who specialise in this type of legal advice and have extensive experience.

Data protection and e-commerce

Successful implementation of data protection

It is essential that the company’s procedures for processing personal data ensure proper processing and protection, legally and technically. At the same time, this should not hinder the day-to-day running of the company.

Current data protection legislation requires individuals, legal entities, public sector organisations and other bodies and entities to put the necessary mechanisms in place to ensure the correct processing and management of any personal data that is handled in the capacity of data controller or data processor.

We also support companies with e-commerce advice – specifically in the following matters:

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